Christmas Time

The time is near,where every child is full of cheer.

Stockings are hung and carol songs are sung.

The special night is here,where Santa delivers all his

Loot.His jolly face is as fat as a plum,his shiny red

suit and big black boots.

He delivers something strange that looked upside

down! i‘m not sure what it is but is looks like a clown!

All of the other gifts were wrapped in red, gold, silver

and blue, i think there is something for everyone too.

 Bells are ringing , everyones singing,  we’re

all mingling. Cheers to you!

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3 Responses
  1. Amber says:

    Well done Holly that was amazing here your two stars and a wish:

    STAR:Great rhythm.

    STAR:Great advebs.

    WISH:Try and use level 5 punction next time.

  2. Alexis says:

    Great job Holly! That was really good. It was cool how you did something different, so not everyone’s was the same. Great job!

  3. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Holly
    Well done for doing something a bit different with this!
    I do like a nice Christmas poem!

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