Blood Jungle by Rachel Kiraly

I am still stranded in this jungle. Walking in search of water and food. The sun had set but I was engulfed by the suffocating humidity. Beads of sweat dripped like a gush of water in a dry desert. The jungle looked like a never ending maze of emerald jewels. I pushed through the thorny scrub and stumbled into the haunted mouth of the trees. After a while, which seemed like forever, I came across a vampire bat, which from where I was standing, looked upside down. It glared at me with its protruding fangs dripping with blood… OH NO!

Category: 100WC
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2 Responses
  1. Jo Hetherington says:

    I really like some of the figurative language you have used. The images are really powerful and create a very strong image in my mind. Make sure your use of tense is consistent next time.

  2. Nathan H says:

    Dear Rachel, What a fantastic 100 word challenge and I especially like how you have used great adjectives such as’ engulfed and humidity’. Also I like how you have used short and snappy sentences for effect for example’ In search of food and water’. Next time, you could use some adverbs for example’ suddenly, I came across a vampire bat’.
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