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Wearily, I clambered out my bed, stumbling down stairs a kaleiderscope of colours wizzed around my throbbing head, beads of  boiling sweat trickled down my brow. How late was I up last night? Cautiosly, I turned on the tap my hands trembling I picked up the cup and rapidly drank the refreshing water- I was parched. As slow as a snail I collapsed tiredly onto the sofa T-V remote in one hand chocolate biscuit in the other I was unstopable… Until I realised that my fabulous,furry dog had silenty and sneakily stolen my snack I was devestated.  It was a new start for us all. Happy New Year !!!


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  1. Joseph says:

    An excelent piece of work Ben:
    *a good range of punctuation
    *amazing use of vocabulary
    WISH:use more connectives

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