Antarctic hopes

This year, it has been 100 years since Captain RB Scott and his 5 comrades reached the South pole on the 17th of January  1912. Tragically he and his team didn’t survive the return after being pipped to the post by the Norwegian,Amundsen.

The famous modern day explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his team of five have left the green and mild land of Britain to take on the last remaining challenge:To attempt to cross Antarctica in winter .

His research ship left London on 6 th December 2012 to begin the amazing journey not only for the challenge but to raise 10 million dollars for a blindness charity then hopefully  will begin the 6 month journey on 21st March. They  will start from the Russian base called “Novo” and attempt to travel 2000 miles to Captain Scott’s base at McMurdo Sound ,extremely dangerous considering that they will spend the time in mostly complete darkness, temperatures as low as -90 degrees centigrade with no prospect of emergency help.

During the expedition, Ranulph and his team will carry out certain scientific experiments and study climate change using high tech equipment such as battery-heated clothing and specially designed breathing apparatus to survive at such low temperatures. In Britain we worry about a bit of frost but winter in Antarctica is so cold that Ranulph will use specially designed track-type tractors which will carry all the equipment and living quarters, (think of a caravan on a sledge!) The heavy snowfalls and darkness mean that visibility will be poor so these special vehicles have computers that can detect crevasses. The tractors will also be running on specialised fuel that is designed not to freeze.

Good luck to them !!

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  1. Mitchell says:

    Well done Oliver, a good peice of writing

    You used speech
    You used brackets
    Try do 100 words.

  2. Adam says:

    I found it very intresting Oliver but you could of put a separate post to tell everybody and a different 100wc but welldone any way and good fact and nolige.

  3. Oliver says:

    i know i have used more words than i’m supposed to but i saw this program on t.v then looked on Sir Ranulph’s web page and found it realy interesting and i hope some one else does too, i really wanted to tell everyone.

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