A nother year has come

As  I gazed into the night sky I knew that new year was coming faster than a fire breething dragon. As I awakened in the sunlit morning ,I notist there was tones of  presonts under the tree in all shapes and sizes.But one presont cought  my eye. It had a bright gold ribbon glittering red rapping paper as a hotdog.But for my surprsie I saw Santa Clause stuck up the chimney I said ”Santa is that you”  I heard a noise but it was muffled. I said ”I’ll help you get out”so I pulled on his legs and he came out it was a new year for all of use



Category: 100WC
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  1. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Kiah
    * – ‘as’ as an opener works really well – it is good to see you using it to start your sentences.
    * – your descriptions are fantastic. I love the dragon bit and also the ‘sunlit’ morning – well done!
    W – not quite sure why you’ve got Father christmas turning up on New Year’s eve! Make sure you put the prompt into something it really does fit in!

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