A New Years Lunch

It was a new start for us all. Aaah! My new year lunch was scrumptious! Roast pork, Aunt bessies spuds, peas and broccili as well as carrots topped with home made gravy. Another dream completed! It had seemed ages away since it was christmas but still me and my family kept on celebrating!?That night I stayed up till one o’clock playing silly party games until i went to sleep. SCREAM! I was woke up by my baby cousins! For break fast i had the left over New years lunch also a bowl of out of date ceareal.HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Alex Hodgkiss

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2 Responses
  1. Mrs Prior - Team 100WC says:

    Great writing Alex. I wonder if this really did happen to you. The out of date cereal made me chuckle. The meal sounds delicious.
    Mrs Prior – Team 100WC

  2. jake says:

    Star. Brillant description of what sounds like a lovely lunch. You cannot beat aunt bessies I dont like the sound of breakfast. Well done

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