a new year is here!

As I gently opened my eyes into the ever-gazing sunlight,2013 was here!I could see it clearer than a clean wine glass that had been polished for hours!My dreams have come true,every part and second of my dream came to life in a stroke of lightning  about to thrust me,not just me but my family to,it was a new year for us all,my mom and dad have great new years resolutions such as : my dads going to stop snoring very loud in the middle of the night and my mom is going to do loads of exercize to keep her as fit as a flee,but there’s only one thing on my mind, what about you?…

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  1. Alex M says:

    Great work Dylan here are m two stars and a wish:

    I love the phrase I gently opened my eyes
    Well done for using :
    Explain what is on your mind.

    Great work Dylan ,well done.

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