A holiday at christmas time

I am on holiday.Its christmas eve and still no snow,I am running around on the luxourious lush green grass on the caravan site.I was playing football but I soon went inside ;it was starting to get cold. I gazed out the shimering glass window,it still was not snowing. I thought that I should go to bed,so I lifted up my duvet which was as heavy as a brick.It wasn’t long before I  fell  asleep…Suddenly I  wake and jump out of my cosy bed,slowly I looked  out of the glimmering window.Still no snow but the most spectacular frost twinkled on the ground.

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  1. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Liam
    * – well done for using a semicolon correctly
    * – you’ve used an ellipsis effectively too
    W – you’ve got to stop joining separate sentences with commas – either use a conjunction or a full stop!

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