S0 it was a new start for  us we have sats soon  so we have got to knuckle down and get some hard work done.I had a great christmas but all of my family were ill but i servived. I was pretty scared when I heard that the world could end on the 21st of december though. Over the christmas holidays I went on the Quest at Merry Hill whith my cousin and my friend, I got to the top level I was scared though. I also completed a game I got for christ mas whith my friend and played whith my frend on fifa 13!

It was a great christmas.

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  1. ariana says:

    hello! Alex M
    I hope the world wont end ! :{
    We shouldn’t worry to much in tell it really happens!

  2. Mr Holder says:

    Hi Alex. I’m pleased that you have the right attitude towards your work at school. You always show it in class and it’s good to see that you have this at home as well!
    Tip – look really carefully at your spelling. There’s one word that you use a lot that has a ‘h’ in it that you don’t need. Can you spot it?

  3. Blodwen says:

    Well tried Alex. I hope you work hard and do well with your sats, but still have time to do the 100 wc.

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