100 word challenge

One hundred, fifty, ten, I’ve won the two hundred meter sprint: the gold medal is mine. I was that exited I thought I was going burst… Ceremony time, the top podium, the cheering fans all around the stadium I nearly went into tears but i didn’t. Exited and joyful, worried and pressured, I was awarded my gold shining and sparkling medal. I thought I was upside down. It was my first but certanly not my last. Coming off the podium is one thing I didn’t want to do. Being part of the GB olympic team is one thing I’ll never forget!

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  1. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Elliot
    Well done for getting this typed up as well as handing in a hard copy.
    * – what a great 2 pair sentence!
    * – the countdown is an interesting way to start your work
    W – be more careful with your punctuation – lots missing here!

  2. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Alex
    Well done for remembering to do this in time!
    * – that short sentence is very effective
    * – the alliteration of ‘slip out slowly’ works well too
    W – commas would be nice to show your clauses!
    Where is the phrase you were supposed to include?

  3. Alex sh says:

    I was standing on the edge of the hovering helicopter waiting patiently for the jump signal. He stuck his thumb up to say go. I stopped to let the adrenalin pass me. Then I jumped! Right after I jumped I realised I had not put the harness on correctly and I began to slip out slowly. I was about to hit the ground when suddenly I had no choice but to pray. Then immediately I had an idea! I pulled the string next to me. Next thing I knew I was safe on the lush green grass.

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