100 word challenge for the 11th of December


As I entered the room there was a weird and mysterious box. The lazy box is just lying there like a tiger in the sun. Pink ribbon is rapped round it for no reason. What is inside it? I ask myself. Is it a monster, is it a million pound or is it something that scientist have been trying to find out for thousands of years. Suspision fills my body as wonder and wonder what is inside this mysterious but magnificent box.I pick it up and wonder what is inside it. Shall I open it or shall I leave it…?


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10 Responses
  1. Georgina says:

    great work elliot

  2. charlotte says:

    wow a great comment

  3. Mrs Hopkins says:

    Hi Elliot
    * – I love the tiger simile!
    * – the way you mention all the things that could be in the box helps to get the reader’s imagination going
    W – try to give the reader enough details to help them picture the scene – where in the room is the box?

  4. Ethan H says:

    Hi Elliot,
    I really liked your story, great descriptive writing.

  5. Elliot says:

    Thank you for all your comments and i will be writing more 100 word challenges. :):)

  6. aliciam123 says:

    i love that!
    from alicia, vivian and sam

  7. aliciam123 says:

    very good!! very well written!:)

  8. alexl says:

    Good job useing discriptive words and full sentences,Elliot!

  9. Zoe A says:

    Amazing writing Elliot. I loved how you used descriptive words. It really intrigeded me to read more. Great job!

    Hope you write again, from chanteld and zoea.

  10. Mr Holder says:

    Elliot – A big well done from me for getting this done so quickly! I’m really impressed with your attitude. Great stuff! First one from Belle Vue to be entered into the 100WC this week…

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